Brand Cooperation

Business Cooperation
Beijing Shao Xiaocheng Embroidery Research Institute based on the deep research of Chinese embroidery art creation teaching professional ability and good international reputation, mainly with the international well-known luxury brand cooperation, help the international luxury brand into the Chinese elements; at the same time, also give specific solutions in cooperation with the domestic high-end commercial brands, in the aspects of concept, design, production, business roadshow, brand image promotion etc..
We set up the research projects of the ancient embroidery schools , according to the research results, using the corresponding acupuncture techniques design and creation; we use the actual design, works to reproduce the style characteristics of different era embroidery schools. These works have restored the original appearance of the famous embroidery in the various times, and the skill is exquisite. As a result of the research, these can provide strong support for all kinds of high-end business cooperation.

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