Xiao Lin


Artistic director, Beijing Shao Xiaocheng embroidery research Institute

International Member, IOV, UNESCO

China Senior Craft Artist

Beijing Arts and Crafts Society

China Arts and Crafts Society

China Arts and Crafts Association senior member

Silk Tapestry major visiting professor, Central University for Nationalities Institute of Sociology and Ethnology

Art consultant, Beijing Zhong Zhao International Auction Co., Ltd.

Expert Committee, China Guanghua Science Education Fund intangible cultural heritage special committee

In 2010, Xiao Lin’s silk tapestry work, “Peach Blossom” won the “Most Beautiful Chinese Handicrafts Award” by IOV, UNESCO.

In 2012 and 2014, Xiao Lin’s silk tapestry work “Many Landscape Tower” was selected twice in “China Contemporary Art Biennale” at the National Museum of China and was booked for collection.

Article published: In 2011, Xiao Lin’s article “One inch of silk tapestry as one inch of gold” was published in the “collection investment” twentieth; 2014 “Silk Tapestry -The highlights of the warp and weft Technology” Posted in “china charm”magazine.

The main research direction: silk tapestry teaching research, silk tapestry innovation research and development, the combination of silk tapestry and embroidery, silk tapestry and brocade, folk weaving, development and application of double-sided silk tapestry technology.