Shao Xiaocheng


Shao Xiaocheng

Director, Beijing Shao Xiaocheng embroidery research institute

Famous Chinese embroidery artists

National Senior Craft Artist

International membership of IOV, UNESCO

Senior member of China arts and crafts association

Member of China arts and crafts society

Member of Beijing arts and crafts society

Member of American embroidery association

Embroidery major visiting professor, Central University for Nationalities Institute of Sociology and Ethnology

First council member, China arts and crafts institute embroidery professional committee

Vice chairman, China Guanghua science and technology foundation science & technology fund, the committee of experts on intangible cultural heritage

Member of the expert committee, China (Kaili) Silver & Embroidery Expo 1, 2, 3

In 1995, Shao Xiaocheng “straw painting” to participate in Jiangsu Province, women workers clothing \ handicrafts design exhibition, won the Outstanding Achievement Award.

In 1995, Shao Xiaocheng embroidered “Morning Glory” and “Straw Cereal Painting” were selected for the Fourth World Women’s Congress Craft Fair, went to the world tour, and won the title of “Chinese clever woman”.

In 2003, Shao Xiaocheng attended the first Beijing Arts and Crafts Exhibition, the embroidery calligraphy “Mifu’s Yanshan Ming” won the Arts and Crafts Cup Award.

In 2008, Shao Xiaocheng was invited by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in the United States to attend the special seminars on Chinese embroidery in the United States. She also gave short-term training on Chinese embroidery to American embroidery enthusiasts. The Hair embroidery work “Children” was the honorary director of the museum.

In 2009, Shao Xiaocheng’s Gu embroidery work “Phoenix Tree and Ribbon Bird” was selected for China Arts and Crafts Exhibition-celebrating the 60th anniversary of the New China establishment.

In 2010, Shao Xiaocheng’s Song Dynasty palace style embroidery “Fairy maiden offer flowers”, double-sided embroidery “porcelain plate”, embroidery “White Tara” by the United Nations folk art “best cultural heritage award”, “the most beautiful Chinese handicrafts Award”.

In 2011, Shao Xiaocheng Gu Embroidery’s works were selected into Embroidery Exhibition in the China Women and Children Museum.

In 2012, as a representative of China, Shao Xiaocheng was invited to participate in the “Shanghai Arts Festival – Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Traditional Culture”.

In 2012, Shao Xiaocheng was awarded the title of “Chinese Embroidery Artist” by China Arts and Crafts Institute.

In 2015, Shao Xiaocheng hired as “Chinese valentine’s day” embroidery cultural consultant in Yunxi, Hubei Province.

In 2015, Shao Xiaocheng was interviewed CCTV Russian channel “Hair embroidery”, introducing the technique of hair embroidery.

In 2015, on the National Day of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Shao Xiaocheng invited the Shenzhen Museum to hold an embroidery culture seminar.

At the end of 2015 and early 2016, Shao Xiaocheng was invited to give two lectures respectively for embroidery and silk tapestry culture protection and process characteristics for the staff inside the National Museum of China.

In 2016, Shao Xiaocheng accepted an interview with CCTV’s “I Have a Heirloom” program to introduce the most valuable heritage and research results of the Chinese embroidery culture.

Personal works: “Chinese embroidery appreciation Collection”, English version of “CHINESE EMBROIDERY—AN ILLUSTRATED STITCH GUIDE”.

Main research directions: Chinese ancient embroidery, minority embroidery, folk custom embroidery, embroidery restoration and reproduction, embroidery art appreciation, innovative design and application of embroidery, embroidery fusion between east and west, the application of Chinese traditional embroidery, embroidery teaching research, silk tapestry teaching Research, crocheting, knitting, garment apparel craft.