Institute Profile

Beijing Shao Xiaocheng Embroidery Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Institute”) has studied and protected the traditional arts such as embroidery, chinese tapestry and ancient calligraphy and painting, which have been lost or are on the verge of losing. The Institute deeply explores the value of the Chinese silk embroidery and weaving art in the past and focuses on the research, protection, teaching heritage and cultural exchange of the Chinese traditional embroidery culture, promotes the fine silk embroidery and weaving art worldwide and opens up the new silk embroidery and weaving culture in the contemporary Development and application.

With the respect of this outstanding national cultural heritage, with the greatest enthusiasm and years of research and creation, Beijing Shao Xiaocheng Embroidery Institute has accumulated the foundation and ability in the national embroidery culture for research, creation, heritage, and further development. The Institute revitalized the art of embroidery, which was originally only a material remains (museum collection), filling a large amount of research gaps in embroidery and achieved gratifying results.


Theoretical research – article writing, professional embroidery research institutes


  Set up the whole system of Chinese weaving embroidery Theory picture:

     Set research topics in a planned manner
     Investigate the history of literature and material remains
     Longitudinal combing through all historical representatives embroidered
     Transverse comparison of the flow between the various stream embroidery genre relationship
     Analyze and summarize its cultural background, development history, mature marks, artistic characteristics and basic stitch techniques
     Improve the scientific Chinese embroidery culture, art theory system
     Through full coverage of research, build the theoretical framework of the whole system of Chinese embroidery

Practice and creation – the ancient method of embroidery, the most comprehensive Chinese embroidery creation agency

Protective ancient method of embroidery:

The establishment of research projects, based on theoretical research results, the use of the corresponding embroidery stitch Embroidery, to reproduce the style of the various schools embroidery
In such a way that an embroidery genre will be properly restored to protect and revitalize its artistic features

Inheritance of ancient methods: full study and inheritance of ancient well-known embroidery excellent embroidery acupuncture
Rich creative experience: based on the research, long-term embroidery artwork design, creation
Superb artistic attainments: combining the creative and appreciation skills of Chinese calligraphy and painting art


Inheritance of Teaching – Socialization

The most complete Chinese embroidery art heritage

Based on research and protection, we carry out the teaching of inheritance training at the social level

Through a wide range of social teaching, national museums, colleges and other lectures and propaganda activities, foreign cultural training, carry forward the Chinese embroidery art heritage, cultivate different academic circles of highly educated research successor.

Repair and reproduct – pioneer, the top team of the heritage embroidery repair and reproduct


At home and abroad for the history of weaving and embroidery relics to carry out repair and reproduct work

Lay the foundation for in-depth study and protection of weaving and embroidery relics



A solid theoretical research strength

Excellent practice creative ability

Rich repair replication experience

Repair and reproduct
Cultural exchange

Cultural Exchange – “Invited to go” and “come here especially”, the award-winning Chinese embroidery cultural exchange organization

Organize or participate in exhibitions, visits, seminars and other cultural exchange activities

Domestic: Resumption of various lost embroidery genres in local schools, seminars and trainings on the revitalization of local embroidery and cultural industry, and promotion of embroidery and cultural industries

Foreign: visiting scholars and college teams from all countries come to exchange visits, are invited to visit other countries for exchanges and seminars and trainings

Participate in international cultural exchange, on behalf of China


Research philosophy, heritage, professional standards are widely praised

Respect history and respect culture

Cultural self-confidence, cultural independence, self-improvement of culture